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About us

My mum taught me to sew so long ago I don't know how young I was. Since then I have always pulled out either my own sewing machine or my mums to make or mend things. Since becoming a stay at home mum I've been sewing a lot more. I had growing interest in the things I sewed, including interest from the cutest little toy shop in Elwood, Victoria (Australia). As well as sewing for them I started to also sell directly from my own website you're visiting now. 

We make and design all our doll outfits ourselves. My mum is a big part of the design and pattern making process. She has an unrivalled attention to detail and perfection standards. Our dolls clothes have been trialled and trialled again until we are both super happy with the fit and style. We only make for dolls we own so we can try the outfits on and ensure everything fits as it should.

Both my mum and I search for the best and cutest fabric we can find. We believe the fabric is just as pivotal as the design of any garment so we never skimp on fabric. We use mostly high quality cotton and cotton lawn. Sometimes we use blends of wool or bamboo.

The items for sale here on our website are what we have in stock so we can dispatch your order straight away without any wait time. If you are after something you have seen previously but doesn't appear on our website let us know (send us an email on our contact us page) and we'll see if we can make what you are after.

Thanks for visiting our website, happy shopping.